A Tribute To Matthew Golay Part 2 - May 2014

Track list

1 Intro - Andy Lubahn & Dave Rause
2 Not Too Far (Matthew Golay cover)
3 I Do (Matthew Golay cover)
4 Underground (Matthew Golay cover)
5 Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover in the style of Johnny Cash)
6 So Long (Matthew Golay cover)
7 Thank You (Matthew Golay cover)
8 Unknown - Jason Moon & Jason Lipske
9 Sins of our Fathers (Larry Penn cover)
10 Hey, Hey, What Can I Do? (Led Zeppelin cover)
11 Unknown
12 Unknown
13 Catcher In the Rye

About A Tribute To Matthew Golay Part 2

  • A fade out was applied between the Great Garbonzos set and the Matthew Golay All-Star Band's set on Disc 8.
  • Thanks to Andy Lubahn & Dave Rause for all their work for running the benefit
  • Thanks to all the musicians and crew who helped set up this great benefit
  • Thanks To Jeremy for the board feed.
  • Most importantly, thank you to every person who came out and supported the local live music that grew from Matt.

Compiled by Jason Scherrer - 8.20.05