Sunday Jam Session

March 1, 2001

Singer/songwriter Matthew Golay brings a soulful blend of acoustic rhythms and playful folk music to a night normally reserved for library sessions and early set alarms, making it an experience worth of a Monday morning headache.

The event draws musicians from all over town to Calhoun Beach Club (CBS's) at 10 p.m. and embraces bar hoppers with its intimate surroundings and folk-style jamming.

"Keep it raw, keep it acoustic. Do whatever because it's all about the music," Golay said.

Being head honcho on Sunday nights has its rewards, like having unlimited freedom to express his melodic sensibilities, a full-time dreams since the first string was plucked.

During his troubled and frustrated youth, Golay and a number of friends started a garage punk band. He said some mood changes have taken over in the music since he was 13.

Golay said Dave Matthews, Jethro Tull, James Taylor and Bob Dylan are the most influential singer/songwriters catalyzing his evolution into the musician people see jamming today.

However, his energy isn't just focused on the open mics. He has two CDs out and one set for release this summer.

Golay's a traveling musician with a one track mind, that without the guts to achieve his goal, he could easily hit the skids. His debut album "Life Habit" was recorded a UW-Oshkosh with the help of former Oshkosh student Nate Russell, who played the drums, and bassist Brandon David.

The music brings together the full band with six acoustic songs, all Golay originals. It's a blend of mellow and energetic sounds, mixing pop, rock, and folk music.

His second album "BeSIDE myself EP" was just released this last year and features songs written only by Golay.

He describes it as a softer, less poppy blend true to the folk tradition because all five tracks were done on acoustic guitar.

While every song is different, the chords they strike are meant to stir emotions common to everyone, but transmuted only by a sensitive few musicians.

Aside from making his own music solo acts at CBS's, Golay has expressed interest in forming a band. While he does gigs with a band sometimes, they are only hire members and vacant of any long term dreams.

"I'm trying to find people not only in it for the cash and the chick chasing, which most hired hired-on band members seem only to concern themselves with, but people who care about making music," Golay said.

The musician is looking for a drummer, bassist, electric guitarist and saxophone player and said anyone interested should contact him by e-mail at

His Web site includes biographical information, song stories and access to both of his CDs at While Golay operates as an individual artist most of the time, being an Oshkosh native is something he takes pride in and believes all musicians, no matter how solo their acts are, are responsible for keeping the vitality of the whole scene alive and kicking.

"When everybody help each other to create a scene and get people involved then we'll all benefit," Golay said.

Advance Titan - March 2001
By Matt Czarnik