Alone Review - The E. KO

May 1, 2002

Unlike many of the artists that we've covered, I have recently lended an ear to a different aspect of the local music scene. Bringing to mind the likes of Dave Matthews and Gordan Lightfoot, amongst other alternative, pop and folk singers, Matthew Golay's recent solo release Alone, is nothing short of an inspiring collection of eclectic heartfelt melodies. Recorded at Garage In The Sky Studio, and produced by both Matthew Golay and Jeff Verner, the release is an acoustic outing, fronting deeply impassioned songs. Being Matthew Golay's third release to date, the effort is brought on with hook-filled mood and tempo changes, drawing from a pool of reflective qualities.

Forming his current approach to songwriting from his earlier projects in the punk and metal genres, Golay evokes more ballad-oriented tunes on Alone. Yielding stories of everyday life within Matthew's lyrics, every song seems to take on a new twist. With well honed guitar playing, and exceptional vocal range, the effort combines catchy folk-influenced melodies, with songs that could be easily transformed into a fully outfitted production. Highlighting the album, is the darker and toned-down track, "Doing Time"; seemingly harsh and pain-driven epic. As far as production goes on the effort, listening to the album literally puts you right in the studio with the musician. The overall live feeling,is the most prominent aspect of the recording, most certainly being a testament Golay's live performance. All eleven tracks are insightful six string arrangements, worthy of greater recognition.

The E. KO - May 2002
By Dave

Posted by Jeff Sanders